About G5


At G5 Books, our vision is to be the premier online destination for South African military history enthusiasts, providing a comprehensive collection of books that capture the essence of the Angolan Bush War and other significant periods in our nation's military heritage. We aim to foster a deep appreciation for the sacrifices, triumphs, and lessons learned during these pivotal moments in history.


Our mission is to preserve, promote, and celebrate South African military history by curating an extensive selection of books that enlighten, inspire, and educate our readers. We strive to be a trusted resource for individuals seeking to explore the diverse facets of military history, connecting them with captivating narratives, expert insights, and reliable historical accounts.



We value authenticity and ensure that the books in our collection are accurate, reliable, and representative of the historical periods they cover. We are committed to preserving the integrity of South African military history.


We believe in the power of knowledge and its ability to deepen our understanding of the past. We are dedicated to providing informative resources that expand awareness, challenge perspectives, and promote lifelong learning.


We foster a sense of community among military history enthusiasts, authors, historians, and individuals passionate about South African military heritage. We encourage engagement, collaboration, and the sharing of ideas and insights.Respect: We hold deep respect for the individuals who served during the Angolan Bush War and other military conflicts. We honor their stories, experiences, and contributions through our collection and our commitment to preserving their legacies.

Jandré du Plessis, Founder:

Jandré du Plessis is an esteemed military history enthusiast, collector, and entrepreneur. With a passion for South African military heritage, Jandre embarked on a mission to create G5 Books as a platform to preserve and promote the stories and experiences of our nation's military history.

Drawing from his extensive knowledge and expertise, Jandré curates a collection of books that showcase the rich tapestry of South African military history, particularly the Angolan Bush War. His dedication to authenticity, accuracy, and community engagement drives G5 Books forward as a leading online resource for military history enthusiasts.

Jandré du Plessis, Founder: G5 Books

At G5 Books, we invite you to embark on a captivating journey through South African military history. Discover the stories, gain a deeper understanding, and honor the remarkable individuals who shaped our nation's past. Join us in celebrating the rich heritage and enduring legacy of our military history.