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Walter Volker

South African War Machine - Heitman, Helmoed-Römer

South African War Machine - Heitman, Helmoed-Römer

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Profusely illustrated.This book briefly describes the history of South Africa's armed forces, outlining their roles in the two World Wars and in Korea and explaining how this background has contributed to the unique make-up of South Africa's defence forces today. The weapons, organisation and training of each of the South African armed services are fully described with sections on elite formations like 1 Reconnaissance Commando and 44 Parachute Brigade and the special techniques they have developed. The campaigns in South West Africa (Namibia) against the SWAPO guerrillas are fully described as are the various operations in Angola from the initial South African involvement in 1975.

Central News Agency, Johannesburg, 1985, 0-620-07442-6, Hb

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